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Treney Tweedy

Lynchburg City Council 2022

“Leading Lynchburg Forward”

Safe Neighborhoods

Lynchburg is a city of neighborhoods each with an important, distinctive character. Some are established, historic neighborhoods like Diamond Hill, White Rock and Rivermont where generations have established their roots. Newer neighborhoods like Cornerstone, Wyndhurst, and New Towne are working together to build and strengthen community. Regardless of their location or age, what unites our varied neighborhoods is the shared presence of hard working, committed, productive residents who deserve to live in safe environments.


Strong neighborhoods are essential to helping our City move forward. That is why I am a staunch supporter of collaborative efforts to work with our neighborhoods to address community problems. This includes supporting public safety by ensuring strong access to public services, encouraging the availability of recreational, educational and enrichment opportunities for youth and the elderly, and building networks that communicate opportunities for shared growth.

I am encouraged by and strongly support the efforts of the recently formed Strong Neighborhoods Initiative. This working group of City employees from different areas of expertise collaborates with our neighborhoods to identify challenges and opportunities.

Working together ensures that our neighborhoods flourish as strong safe havens for residents throughout our city.