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Treney Tweedy

Lynchburg City Council 2022

“Leading Lynchburg Forward”

Quality Education

I believe access to a quality education is critical to the well-being and future success of every individual and plays a significant role in the growth of a community. Lynchburg is fortunate to have several educational options including public, private, and in-home instruction. I was fortunate to be a graduate of Lynchburg City Schools and to receive post-secondary degrees from the University of Lynchburg and the Virginia University of Lynchburg


During my past eight years of City Council, I have been a firm supporter of Lynchburg City Schools because I believe a strong public education system, open to all students, gives everyone an equal opportunity to become educated and reach their full potential. I have also asked the tough questions and held both the administration and school board accountable.

There is always room for improvements, and I believe we can achieve excellence by working together, parents, administration, school board and the greater community to take the necessary actions to ensure we have the best public school system in the region. This includes making sure our teachers have the resources they need (including appropriate salaries) to teach our students.

Lynchburg also is unique in that it is home to six colleges and universities, including nearby Sweet Briar. The presence of these institutions of higher learning positions Lynchburg to be able to take advantage of mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations. They also serve as economic anchors as they provide jobs for our residents, workers for our local businesses and millions of dollars to our economy.

I recently voted to create a position for our Office of Economic Development to establish a formal liaison position to our colleges and universities to strengthen relationships and build on our current partnerships.