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Treney Tweedy

Lynchburg City Council 2022

“Leading Lynchburg Forward”

Thank You Everyone

First, I thank my voters, my campaign staff, and my family for their support in my bid to return to City Council. I also offer my thanks to Beau Wright and Patrick Earl for their commitment and dedication. Last night, we learned the results of our local City Council election. Unfortunately, the outcome was not what we desired so that we could continue the work of moving Lynchburg Forward.

Although I was not successful in my bid to return to Council, I am proud of the work that I have been able to accomplish in my eight years of serving this wonderful City. It has been my honor to meet so many great people throughout my journey and it has been my privilege to serve all of Lynchburg. Our city has many challenges and I pray that the new Council will deliver on their campaign promises and address issues in a fair and equitable manner. They must govern now for all citizens and not just for special interests.

Lynchburg is a beautifully diverse community. Every citizen is worthy of respect and deserves the opportunity to be successful. I have worked diligently for all citizens, regardless of socioeconomic status, zip code, race, or sexual orientation. I encourage citizens to continue holding City Council accountable and to become involved in their community. Do your research, know the data.

To my supporters I encourage you to turn your disappointment into action and to continue working for the advancement of this community. Due to my social media pages being hacked the Saturday before election day, I could not in real-time, personally communicate to you my sincere appreciation and gratitude. This has given me the opportunity to start sharing my voice and future opinions in a new space and format. So, stay tuned and feel free to join us. Because this campaign was truly for the community, people have asked me, "What is my next step? What are you going to do now?" My response has been, "Whatever I want...because I'm free. Which is a great feeling to have earned." I was about this city that we all love, leading Lynchburg Forward, and working to make Lynchburg a great city for all.